Schedules of Condition


As Building Surveyors we have a huge wealth of experience of inspecting properties before they are purchased or a lease is signed. The preparation of a Schedule of Condition to be attached to a lease is something we take great care to prepare. We believe that for every Schedule we have prepared we have saved that client the value of the fee he paid for the Schedule more than four times over by limiting his liability for future repairs to that building.


Simple roof repairs can cost a tenant hundreds and often thousands of pounds. A simple inspection and Schedule of the roof attached to the lease, and suitable modification of the covenants, can remove or greatly limit that tenants liability for those repairs. Even recording the decorative condition of a building may prevent a tenant having to decorate at the start of the lease and again in the last few months of that lease.


A good descriptive Schedule of Condition supported by photographs should always be used by a tenant on a Full Repairing and Insuring lease.


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